Exam Application

HSK Exams Update:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, HongLong has suspended temporarily all HSK exams applications.

Please do not apply for any HSK exams until further notice.

Candidates who had applied and paid for previously cancelled HSK exams (November 2020, to April 2021) are given priority to take the exams once conditions allow.

They will be notified by HongLong by email about the new scheduled date.

Please follow our website closely for any updates on exam matters. We will announce further information when circumstances change.

Application Process

In order to succesfully complete your exam registration, you have to fill in the form below, as well as attach your exam fee bank receipt.

Learn the Bank Details and Seats Availability from our website.

Pay the Exam Fees, preferably at Alpha Bank, with the appropriate reason.

Fill the Form with your Details and attach the receipt from the Bank Deposit.


All the bank transaction’s fees must be charged on you.

Read more details about payment by clicking the Bank Deposit selection below.

Please kindly note that all bank transcaction fees are borne by the payer. Therefore if you intend to use a bank other than Alpha Bank/ National Bank/ Eurobank/ Piraeus Bank, you ought to pay the small transaction fees that apply. Transaction fees vary depending on the bank, currency and amount transferred, as they are subject to each bank's pricing policy.
HSK 1 - 50€
HSK 2 - 60 €
HSK 3 - 80€
HSK 4 - 100€
HSK 5 - 120€
HSK 6 - 130€
HSKK 1 - 80 €
HSKK 2 - 90 €
HSKK 3 - 100 €

BCT A - 80€
BCT B - 100€
YCT 1 - 60€
YCT 2 - 70€
YCT 3 - 80€
YCT 4 - 90€
YCT Προφορικά 1 - 80€
YCT Προφορικά 2 - 100€

Account No: 367 002101 225133
IBAN: GR02 0140 3670 3670 0210 1225 133

Account No: 079/003638-26
IBAN: GR48 0110 0790 0000 0790 0363 826

Account No: 0026 0259 17 0201576759
IBAN: GR96 0260 2590 0001 7020 1576 759

Account No: 5126 0999 6972 7
IBAN: GR23 0172 1260 0051 2609 9969 727

As soon as you have completed the application form successfully, you will be redirected to the confirmation page of the entry, and you will immediately receive your confirmation email and information about your admission ticket.

Ημερομηνίες Εξετάσεων

All applications and payments must be received before the deadline expires.

Thanks for your participation!

Chinese Language Mock Test

HongLong's HSK/HSKK/YCT/BCT tests are computer-based, not internet-based. Candidates need to go to the designated test center to take the test.
The deadline for registration is 11 days before the test date, but due to limited availability, seats will be given on first come first served basis.
Admission tickets will be issued 10-25 days before the test date.
HSK/YCT: 16 days after the test. HSKK/BCT: 30 days after the test.
14-16 days after the test, log on to www.chinesetest.cn, enter the candidate’s name + the admission ticket number to check. Please note that HongLong is unable to check test results on behalf of candidates.
Usually 3 months after the test, HongLong will email the candidates on the certificate collection time and method.
2 ways to receive the certificate a) Collect the certificate at HongLong (the candidate brings his/her ID card and admission ticket) b) Express delivery method: candidates need to provide detailed address, telephone number, and express delivery fee.
Please visit the site again, because www.chinesetest.cn often experiences high internet traffic.
Candidates may change the test date they have registered for, on the condition that they have to apply for the date change at least 20 days before the originally registered test date, and for each change, candidates need to pay 30% of the test fee as service charge.
HSK1, HSK3, HSK5, YCT, BCT: candidates enter the venue at 08:30, and the test will start at 09:00. HSK2, HSK4, HSK6: candidates enter the venue at 13:00, and the test will start at 13:30. HSKK1, HSKK2, HSKK3: candidates enter the venue at 16:00, and the test will start at 16:30. Candidates who arrive after the test has started will not be allowed to enter the test venue. Should there be any changes in test times, the information on the admission ticket received by the candidates shall prevail.

Exam Application Form

 All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required for the completion of the application.

    Name & Surname*
    (Capital Latin Letters exactly like ID)

    Type of I.D.*
    I.D.PassportPermit of ResidenceOther I.D.

    I.D. Number*


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    How long have you been learning Chinese?*

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    Candidate Photo*
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    Name the file with your ID number, that you have provided.




















    Payment Information

    Please select your payment method.*

    Deposit Receipt*
    Please, upload the bank receipt you were provided with after your bank deposit.


    Please proceed with the payment and then continue with the application completion.

    My transaction was successful.

    In case of a failed transaction, please do not proceed with submitting the application. You should select another payment method, instead.


    I Agree with Privacy Policy.


    Information to Candidates

    Entering to the exam is done by holding the Admission Ticket, which is sent to the candidates e-mail about 12 days before the selected exam date and as long as they have completed the registration process.

    Please make sure to complete the registration and  possess the admission ticket before the deadline of exam application.


    HanBan, Κινέζικα

    Confucius Institute, Ινστιτούτο, Κινέζικη, γλώσσα