About us

Hong Long Educational & Exam Center is recognized by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (HANBAN).

Having long educational experience, Hong Long offers lessons for all HSK1-HSK6 levels, Chinese HSKK oral lessons, BCT & Tourism Courses, as well as personalized private courses tailored to the needs of each individual student or business. From 2018 Hong Long also offers Japanese language courses for N1-N5 levels.

Hong Long Educational & Exam Center is located in the center of Athens, has easy access, hospitable environment and well-organized examination rooms, so as to ensure the best possible exam and educational experience.

Additionally, it mediates the sending of organized student groups to Beijing and their participation in exciting summer campgrounds, while also organizing educational and cultural seminars with increasing frequency, aiming to familiarize students with the diverse Chinese culture.

Our main goals are: the in-depth  teaching of the Chinese language, the uninterrupted conduction of exams, and, of course, the broadcasting of the long-standing, multi-dimensional Chinese culture to our students.