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Please complete all of the following information required on the form. You will receive an email confirmation immediately after applying (Please, if you don’t receive immediately the email confirmation, contact us the soonest or check you spam folder). All applications and payments must be received before the deadline has been expired. 

We would like to inform you that there are no longer available seats available for HSK1 – HSK3 – HSK5 levels for May 19th. Please if you wish to take exams at one of these levels choose a later date!

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Information to Candidates

Entering to the exam is done by holding the Admission Ticket, which is sent to the candidates e-mail about 12 days before the selected exam date and as long as they have completed the registration process.

Please make sure to complete the registration and  possession of the admission ticket before the deadline for exam applications.

* If you have followed the steps but you do not receive the admission ticket 12 days before the exam, you must contact before the deadline of exam applications. Any action after the deadline is not the responsibility of the HongLong Examination Center.

Examination Dates 2018