Chinese Lessons

Our Chinese Lessons guarantee your excellent preparation and success in the exams! We offer Chinese Lessons for all certificates (HSK, HSKK, BCT, YCT) and all levels. Our teachers are both Greek and Chinese and are able to teach in Greek or English. Other than the lesson, our teachers’ goal is to pass the Chinese Culture on the students.

αίθουσα-κινέζικαHaving spent 30 years in the field of Education, we provide our students an excellent preparation for any certification they choose. The exams take place every month at our school premises. The success rates every year are close to 100 % which makes us very proud!

By choosing Honglong you have the opportunity to take exams in the most high-tech examination center in Athens. Our exams are Internet-based, candidates use keyboard and mouse to answer questions and they are provided with personal headphones for the listening part.

Our classes consist of adults, university students, working people of all ages, professions and specialties. There are several reasons to study Chinese Language. Whichever is the reason, business or personal, a certification in Chinese Language is a great qualification to possess.

Our Classes

Due to the great interest shown in Chinese Language, we are adjusting our group classes and even our private lessons according to our students’ needs.


Basic Training in Chinese

Class Aim: An introduction to Chinese Language. Our students get to learn the very basic features of Chinese Language in terms of reading, speaking and writing. At the end of the program, students are able to participate in an everyday dialog in Chinese Language while knowing about 150 Chinese words.
Program Duration: 6 months
Teaching Language: Greek or English
Class size: 4-6 students

HSK Classes

Class Aim: The main goal of this class is to prepare our students for the HSK exam (of all level) and guarantee their success. At the end of the program, the student is able to succeed in the exams and has a very good knowledge of Chinese grammar. Furthermore, speaking and writing is also improved as the level raises. The HSK examination consists of 6 levels.
Program Duration: From 20 days (depending on the level)
Teaching Language: Greek or English
Class size: 4-6 students

Speaking Chinese

Class Aim: In speaking Chinese Lessons books or pens are not required for participation in class. The object of this class is that the students contact with each other in Chinese language, enabling them to improve their speaking skills in a very short time.
Program Duration: 50 hours (depending on the level)
Teaching Language: Greek or English
Class size: 4-8 students

Interested in Chinese Lessons?!