Provide a basis for employers to assess non-native Chinese speakers’(candidates) Chinese competence in daily work settings. Test scores can be used as a reference for employee recruitment, selection, placement and promotion.
Help relevant teaching and training institutions to assess students’ business Chinese proficiency in recruitment, class divisions and granting credits.
Help learners to evaluate and improve their business Chinese competence.

BCT, as a test series, consists of three independent tests: BCT(A), BCT(B) and BCT(Oral). BCT(A), which is oriented towards beginners, is designed to examine test takers’ ability to communicate in Chinese in daily life and during basic business activities. BCT(B), which is oriented towards intermediate and advanced learners, is designed to examine test takers’ ability to communicate in Chinese during complex business activities. BCT(Oral), which is oriented towards learners of all levels, adopts the form of a computer-based test as well as personalized targeted questions in order to examine test takers’ ability to complete various communicative tasks by using spoken Chinese.


Adopting the form of a semi-adaptive test with human-computer interaction, the BCT(Oral) system is mainly characterized by personalized oral test questions generated according to the examinee’s job categories, work experience, posts, hobbies and other aspects. It can immediately adjust the difficulty level of questions with reference to the examinee’s answers and self- assessments in turn, the test always corresponds to examinee’s specific competence, enabling all examinees to demonstrate their oral expression ability to the utmost extent and improving the reliability of this test.